Team 3189 is a diverse team made up from 6 different high schools in the El Dorado Union High School District, Oak Ridge, Ponderosa, El Dorado, Union Mine, Independence, and the EDUHSD VA. Even though we often compete in other venues, we are committed to working together! We meet in ROP-A on the EDUHSD VA Campus.

Circuit Breakers Team Creed
“In this club, we will not only construct a functional robot, but more importantly, craft unbreakable friendships and communication skills. Communication, friendship, and respect are the three essential elements to a successful team. In order to advance our mechanical and social skills, we will work politely and therefore maintain a positive and understanding attitude. By encouraging a free-thinking and creative environment, we will essentially learn more about the mechanics of robotics and create a functional robot to compete in the FIRST competition. Since this team meshes together various high schools within the El Dorado Union High School District, we are able to defeat the stereotypes associated with different schools and freely express ourselves among our fellow teammates. Thus, friendship, cooperation, and respect are the nuts and bolts that fasten together our robotics team.”


Notice (11/20/15)

The site is currently in the process of being updated. Please pardon the outdated or missing information.

Robotics Calendar

February  2016
Events on February 1, 2016
Events on February 3, 2016
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Events on February 5, 2016
Events on February 6, 2016